Metal Bucke Dog Collar - Hugo & Hudson Watermelon Premium Dog Collar

Hugo & Hudson Watermelon Premium Dog Collar

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Watermelon fabric overlay premium dog collar. Metal buckle with Hugo & Hudson bone tag.

Hugo & Hudson's material collars come in 4 sizes with high tensile strength nylon webbing. Our special rivets and D rings provide extra security and our side release buckle has the highest quality contoured aluminium. The collars come individually and with leads to match.

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Machine wash cold, air dry


Extra small: Width: 1.5cm Neck size 21 to 30cm (Chihuahua, Pinscher, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier and other similar breeds)

Small: Width: 1.5cm Neck size 27 to 37cm (Schihtzu,Jack Russell, Pug and other similar breeds)

Medium: Width: 2.5cm Neck size 34 to 49cm (French Bulldog, Border collie, Beagle, Cocker spaniel and other similar breeds)

Large: Width: 2.5cm Neck size: 45 to 68cm (English Bulldog, Labrador, German Shepherd, Boxer and other similar breeds)


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