Sleeping Bag - Orange Doggy Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Bag - Orange Doggy Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Bag - Orange Doggy Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Bag - Orange Doggy Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Bag - Orange Doggy Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Bag - Orange Doggy Sleeping Bags

Orange Doggy Sleeping Bags

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SIZES: small/medium 650 x 900

             Large/extra large 900 x 1200



Spoil Your doggy with one of luxurious Sleeping bags.  Both comfortable and practical you will never go anywhere again without it! Whether its camping or the office or even simply a sleepover this bag can be transported easily in its own bag.  This comes in 3 different colours and are easily washable so they will stand the test of time!  These bags unzip at both ends so this enables you to lay the bag flat with double the space.  The bags will easily fit a large dog and provide plenty of space whilst giving protection from the elements.  



When zipped up these help dogs retain heat and have additional insulation for extreme cold. They also provide warmth and protection against cold hard surfaces.




Can these bags be washed?

Yes of course! they generally can be shaken clean but can be easily washed on a 30 degree wash and left To Dry naturally

Will these be big enough for my dog?

We have made these sleeping bags large enough even for a big breed of dog, they also unzip all the way around so if your dog just prefers to lay on top they can easily and comfortably sleep on a nice padded surface.

My dog may not sleep inside?

Dogs like humans are all different and lots of dogs will choose to sleep within the bag, however we have mad these comfy and padded enough that if he prefers to sleep outside this will still protect him from the hard surface and keep him warm 

My dog may overheat

These bags are not restrictive in the slightest and have been designed that they are comfortable so as much as you find your position in the night so will your dog

How much room will they take up when i go camping?

Each bag folds down into a compact carry bag that  keeps space to a premium

Is this just a fashion accessory?

The simple answer is no! These have been designed with your pets health at the forefront and much as you would always take a sleeping bag for yourself why should your dog be any different. In our mind your dog is a valued member of any family and deserves his own spot too!


Remember if your dog is cosy he will sleep!! These Sleeping bags really are a must.

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